New Fish Health Code Demonstrates Commitment of Irish Fish Farmers

Speaking at the launch of the new Code of Practice for Fish Health in Dublin, IFA Aquaculture Executive Secretary, Richie Flynn, said the document launched by Marine and Food Minister, Simon Coveney, demonstrated the commitment of the industry to work to the highest standards of husbandry.

The new Code of Practice is a joint effort by the Irish farmed fish industry, the Marine Institute, the Department and veterinary experts, Vet Aqua International. The Code focuses on disease prevention, biosecurity, animal welfare and best practice in stock management. The Code is accompanied by a regularly updated detailed handbook on fish health which farmers themselves can contribute to on a regular basis as knowledge and experience increases and new solutions are found to health issues.

Richie Flynn said, “The Irish industry has a very good track record across a wide range of diseases and a history of collaboration and co-operation with state authorities and foreign industries in finding solutions to common problems. The environment in which our farmers work is very challenging and dynamic. The Atlantic ocean can throw jellyfish, amoeba and plankton as well as diseases carried by wild fish towards our stocks and we must deal with these in ways which are non-invasive with a very narrow choice of medicines and in ways that will 100% guarantee consumer safety.”

“Having a standard Code of Practice for the industry demonstrates our real commitment to the highest standards – higher than the statutory requirements. The reputation and quality of Irish farmed fish must be protected and promoted to secure the 2,000 jobs around the coast and lay a
solid foundation for development into the future,” said Richie Flynn.

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