Second Tranche of Single Farm Payment Must Be Paid to All Farmers – IFA

With the second 50% tranche of the Single Farm Payment now due, IFA President John Bryan said it is vitally important that all outstanding problems are sorted out without delay and all farmers get their payments well before Christmas. This includes cases held up due to inspections, which have now emerged as the main reason for delays as well as digitisation of maps related to AEOS.

John Bryan said over 90% of farmers will have been paid once the second tranche is paid out. This is a significant boost to farm income and greatly alleviates cashflow difficulties on farms.

On Disadvantaged Areas, the IFA President also called for the remaining 5,000 farmers who have not yet received payment to be paid immediately. These payments are hugely important to sustain farming in difficult land areas.

John Bryan has also welcomed 2011 REPS4 payments to nearly 17,000 famers. It is important that the remaining 13,000 farmers in the scheme are paid out between now and the end of year. However, he said the slowness in paying out AEOS1 is very frustrating; with 40% of farmers still awaiting payment for the 2010 scheme. Full year AEOS1 payments must be paid out for 2011 also before year end.

The IFA President said the €18m Sheep Grassland Scheme is due to be paid out to 28,000 flock owners by mid-December. In addition, he said the Department of Agriculture is set to commence payments under the 2011 Suckler Cow Welfare Scheme. John Bryan encouraged all suckler farmers to get meal feeding and weaning data back to ICBF without delay in order to expedite payment before year end.

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