Doran Rejects Cap 2013 Proposals on Beef

Speaking at the EU beef Advisory meeting in Brussels this week IFA National Livestock Committee Chairman Michael Doran highlighted the negative impact on the Irish beef and livestock sector from the CAP 2013 proposals.

Michael Doran said the proposals for a flat rate payment system for the Single Farm Payment, a 30% cut for Greening and a 2014 reference year will decimate beef and livestock production with massive production losses and jobs.

Michael Doran said the CAP 2013 proposals are very damaging and taking EU beef and livestock production in the wrong direction.

He said the flat rate payment model involves massive cuts for the most productive producers and involves no targeting whatsoever. The proposal for a future reference period in 2014 is a direct interference and distortion in the land market.

Michael Doran said the Greening measures are excessive in the extreme and involve a whole new layer of costly bureaucracy and straight jacket conditions.

The IFA livestock said Minister Coveney and the Irish Government must strongly reject the flat rate payment model, the 30% cut for Greening and the 2014 reference period.

Michael Doran said Irish livestock farmers are over 100% dependent on the Single Farm Payment for their net incomes. “We are going to fight these cuts all the way and we are not going to allow CAP Reform destroy our production ability and our livelihoods.”

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