IFA Members Urged to Support Local Ndc Marked Milk


Speaking to the National Executive Council of IFA, National Liquid Milk Committee Chairman Teddy Cashman urged IFA members and their families to support their local dairies when purchasing milk, and to choose NDC marked milk at all times.
“I am three quarters of the way through a series of meetings with all the main retailers, and I am exhorting them all to source milk from local dairies registered with the NDC. It is fair to say that most retailers recognise the importance of supporting the local economy.”

He said, “However, as farmers and farm families, we need to put our money where our mouth is, and make sure that when we buy milk in our local supermarket, we support our local dairies by purchasing locally produced and processed milk bearing the NDC mark. And if we don’t see NDC marked milk in the supermarket, we should ask the shop manager to give us the choice of purchasing it.”

“While some retailers are better than others at supporting locally produced and processed liquid milk, all except the new wave of discounters and some small outlets offer locally produced, NDC marked milk, so buying local milk is easy,” he said.

“In the Liquid Milk Committee, our motto has long been “local milk for local people”. I urge all IFA members and their families to make a conscious choice to support their local dairies in their weekly shop,” he concluded

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