Dairygold Must Avoid Duplication in Progressing Expansion Plans

IFA National Dairy Committee Chairman Kevin Kiersey has welcomed the announcement by Dairygold of their post-2015 plans as crucial information for farmers, as they go a long way to addressing farmer concerns.
He said Dairygold farmers had expressed serious concerns in relation to earlier proposals and from talking to producers, he was confident that the new plan dealt with most issues raised, and was much more acceptable.

However, Mr Kiersey again warned that farmer shareholders would legitimately expect that their resources would be wisely and most efficiently spent in establishing additional processing capacity.

“It is clear that collaboration between expanding processors is the only way forward. I again call on both Dairygold and Glanbia boards to knock heads together and find an acceptable format through which both companies can co-operate to pool farmers’ resources most efficiently, for the good not just of Dairygold and Glanbia farmers, but for the benefit of the entire sector,” he concluded.

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