Changes to Guidance on Application of ‘transitional Provisions’ for Pig and Poultry Manure Welcomed by Farmers

The Chairmen of the IFA National Pigs and Poultry Committees have welcomed the Department of Agriculture announcement that farmers will be allowed to avail of the transitional arrangement even where some of the farm’s phosphorus requirement is being supplied using chemical fertiliser.
The Chairman of the IFA National Poultry Committee Alo Mohan said, “The transitional provisions, included in the GAP regulations since 2006 have played a very important role in promoting the use of organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizer products such as poultry litter when used correctly can facilitate huge cost savings for tillage farmers, and the announcement by the Department confirms this.”

The Chairman of the IFA National Pigs and Pigmeat Committee Tim Cullinan said, “Irish pig farmers produce two valuable products, pigmeat and organic fertilizer. Without an outlet for both of these products, the Irish pigmeat industry could not continue to operate. IFA has worked with Teagasc, the Agricultural Consultants Association as well as DAFM over the years to promote the value of slurry. At the current price of fertilizer, we estimate the value of slurry is almost €30 per 1000 gallons. This represents a significant saving to any farmers using it.”

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