Pig Price Increase Welcome but Insufficient

IFA Pigs Chairman Tim Cullinan welcomed the 4c/kg increase that was passed back to hard strapped pig producers this week.
Mr. Cullinan said ‘although this price increase is welcome, it is simply not sufficient to bring producers back near profitability at current feed prices. I cannot stress strongly enough how difficult the situation is on pig farms at the moment. We are estimating average losses on pig farms of up to €20 per pig.

“I have in my possession dockets that show how Irish red tractor equivalent pigs delivered into UK factories are achieving prices of over €1.80/kg. The price being paid is £1.54/kg sterling and even after all the deductions and transport are taken out, these farmers are still clearing 12-14 c/kg more than if they sold into the Irish factories’.

“With retailers taking higher margins in the Irish market than in the UK, it is clear that they have scope to reduce their margins and return a more sustainable price to support Irish pig producers. Usage of the Bord Bia Quality Assurance logo has risen to all time high levels in pork and bacon. This is a proof of Irish consumers’ loyalty and demand for Irish product”.

“Irish processors must get higher prices back from the retailers for this Quality Assured Irish meat. The retailers can afford to lower their profit margin to ensure that pig producers’ and consumers’ needs are met”.

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