IFA Urges All Co-ops to Increase Milk Prices by at Least 1c/l

As Glanbia announces it will pass back continued improvements in markets with a further 1c/l price increase to 28.99c/l + VAT on September milk, IFA National Dairy Chairman Kevin Kiersey urged all co-ops board to make the same effort to pass back to farmers the benefits of the current strong market recovery. Mr Kiersey singled out those main milk purchasers who didn’t increase their August milk price, and urged them to catch up, in the best interest of their hard-pressed producers. “I have received numerous calls from Kerry milk suppliers who are annoyed, and feel badly let down by the fact that their co-op is failing in its commitment to pay a leading milk price.”

“Suppliers to these co-ops are under as much pressure as farmers anywhere else around the country from high feed costs, the impact of the bad weather, and the milk price cuts suffered during peak months,” he added. “Average market prices for SMP and butter in the EU were reported last week by the EU Commission as returning close on 38c/l – and these are average market prices, not spot quotes,” he said. “I urge all co-op board members to ensure at their next board meeting that the September milk price set by their co-ops reflects appropriately the level of improvement in market returns, and where necessary close the gap they have allowed develop with neighbouring milk purchasers,” he concluded.

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