Eu Commission ‘soft Landing’ Report Disappointing, but Not Surprising

IFA National Dairy Committee Chairman Kevin Kiersey said the EU Commission report on the “soft landing” concludes that, with a positive market outlook, a level of supplies falling below quotas and continued fall in the cost of quotas in the vast majority of 27 member states, no change from the 2008 Health Check plans is required.
“This is a very disappointing conclusion for Irish dairy farmers, who were hoping greater flexibility could be allowed to help them gear up for the post 2015 expansion. However, in light of the hardening of positions which followed the weakening of markets earlier this year, and the more strident campaign by some for continued production management, the decision is not entirely surprising,” he said.

“While we will continue monitoring developments at EU level, farmers should plan prudently for their business before 2015, and factor in the likelihood of superlevy each year before the abolition of quotas,” he said.

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