1c/l 2012 Top Up Important Step in Finalising Kerry Contract

Commenting on Kerry Group’s decision to pay 1 c/l incl VAT on all milk supplied in 2012, IFA National Dairy Committee Chairman Kevin Kiersey today (Wed) acknowledged the work done by the Kerry Co-op board in securing the top-up.
“This payment will clearly move Kerry closer to the leading position Kerry suppliers have been promised,” Mr Kiersey said.

He said, “Suppliers are awaiting the updated milk supply contract, and this must be sent out without delay. The commitment on milk price in the contract was seen as one of the main reasons suppliers supported the rule change which brought the co-op’s stake in the plc below 20% in the Summer 2011.”

“It is crucial that communication between Kerry and its suppliers on this matter be improved, and that the final contract provides a clear, transparent and verifiable formula suppliers feel they can trust,” he said.

“IFA and farmers will monitor the situation on an ongoing basis: a genuinely leading milk price will show through the KPMG audit and the Farmers’ Journal league over time,” he concluded.

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