IFA Deputy President Calls for Teagasc Action Plan on Fodder

IFA Deputy President Eddie Downey has called on Teagasc to immediately put in place an action plan to deal with the fall-out from the current fodder crisis and to ensure that the proper technical advice is given to farmers to ensure that the maximum forage can be achieved over the growing season in advance of next winter.

Speaking following a meeting of the Teagasc Board in Oakpark, Eddie Downey said that farmers now require the best advice for optimal use of fertilizers and slurry to ensure that grass production is maximised over the coming peak growing months. In addition, farmers need advice on how best to reinstate damaged pasture swards and use wholecrop silage and root crops to increase reserves.

Eddie Downey has called for flexibility on the calculations used to determine the amount of fertilizers that famers can spread under the nitrates regulations. In addition Teagasc must provide free advice on fertilizer plans to ensure the maximum amount of forage can be conserved.
He also insisted at the board meeting today that Teagasc use publications such as the Farmers Journal to disseminate the proper advice that will ensure that farmers have sufficient fodder coming into the next winter as it is clear that resources have been totally depleted following the current crisis

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