On World Milk Day, IFA Urges Dairies and Retailers to Show Commitment to Milk Producers’ Economic Sustainability

IFA National Liquid Milk Chairman John Finn said today, Thursday 1st June is the day selected by the UN/FAO for World Milk Day to celebrate the important contributions the dairy sector makes to economic development, livelihoods and nutrition.

He urged dairies, retailers and other stakeholders to duly recognise the importance of fresh milk, and he urged all to show their commitment to milk producers’ sustainability by ensuring that they get a fair share of retail returns to meet the costs of year-round production.

John Finn said, “I am in the middle of a series of meetings with retailers, dairies and regulators to present and discuss the IFA Milk Wise 2025, launched earlier this year. The Strategy document aims to raise awareness and present solutions to secure the economic sustainability of specialist registered milk producers, without whom consumers cannot be confident of finding fresh, locally produced milk on the supermarket shelf year-round.

“World Milk Day gives us an excellent opportunity to remind everyone of just how valuable milk and dairy products are to our health and our diet whatever our age. It is also a timely reminder to all stakeholders that fresh milk cannot be taken for granted, and that farmers must be allowed at least cover their costs and pay for their labour.”

“Meanwhile, I urge all folks out there to raise a glass of the white stuff for World Milk Day!” John Finn concluded.

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