Pig Farmers Losing €10 Per Head as Prices Remain Static

Irish pig prices remain unchanged for yet another week following a weekly kill of 68,586. Quotes from the main export plants remain unchanged at €1.40c/kg.

Traditionally, the second quarter of the year would see an uplift in pig prices but that’s not the case this year, with prices remaining unchanged since mid-January. Combined with an average increase in the cost of pig feed of €25/tonne, many pig farmers are starting to come under financial pressure with up to €10 per pig being lost in some cases.

Many smaller producers have made a decision to close their gates, with larger units taking the poor returns as an opportunity to destock their herds. Poor returns combined with increasing pressure for even greater animal welfare standards from the EU, will force our national policy makers to re-examine how Ireland’s 3rd largest agricultural sector is catered for, if at all, in the future.

Ireland’s percentage of the EU price has improved and is currently 96% of the EU average price as reported to the EU Commission for the week commencing 04/06/2018.

Factory pig throughput in Republic of Ireland export plants for the week ending June 9th 2018 was 53,687 head which was 12,683 head less than the previous week and 861 more than in the corresponding week in 2017.

Export Plants: Top prices on a flat rate basis </= €1.40c/kg in Kepak, Rosderra, and Staunton’s and </= €1.42/ €1.44c/kg in Dawn Pork and Bacon and Cookstown.

Sows: 60c/kg DW.

Weekly Slaughterings: Week-ending 09/06/2018 Pigs: 53,687 Sows: 1,558


Irish price €1.40kg

EU–27 average price €1.45kg

(Grade E pigs – 55% to 60% lean meat excluding VAT but including transport and bonuses).

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