Pig Processors Letting Down Farmers with Static Price

IFA President Tim Cullinan said that Irish pig processors had let farmers down by failing to increase pig prices for next week. 

“Nearly all European countries are showing a price increase this week, but the average Irish pig price is static at 20c/kg below the cost of production,” he said.

IFA National Pigs Committee Chair Roy Gallie said that the processors’ failure to increase prices was reprehensible and was damaging a sector worth €1.5bn to the economy, a fact acknowledged by Minister Martin Heydon at IFA’s National Pig Meeting this week. 

“Despite significant increases in pig prices in other EU member states, the Irish pig price has been left behind. Our producers continue to face very significant financial struggles,” he said. 

“Further price rises are expected across Europe next week, with the pig auction in Germany today showing quotes for future sales of €2.39/kg.”

Pig farming is a crucial sector that contributes significantly to the Irish economy. The current situation is completely unsustainable and threatens the future of the pig industry.

“Pig farmers work tirelessly to provide high-quality meat, fresh and cured. Considering the 18 months of losses that have built up, the least they should expect is to receive price increases as they arise,” he said.

“Farmers expect processors to increase the price by a minimum of 8c/kg with immediate effect for next week’s pigs.”

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