Positive Indications in the Potato Market

There are some positive indications, that the supply in the potato market, is beginning to tighten.

Demand for varieties such as Kerr Pink, Maris Piper and Golden Wonder has been improving and enquiries for Roosters have also increased during this week.

Those growers with material in ambient stores are either finished or will shortly be clear of stock. This is providing new selling opportunities for some suppliers as gaps appear in the market.

The return of the wintry weather over the weekend put paid to any further plantings, however, there may be some windows to resume land work in the coming week.

In general the spring is running late for plantings due to saturated soils and low soil temperatures. On average there is a difference of 2 degrees in the soil temperature compared to this time last year.

Ex-farm potato prices reported to IFA

Low High Average
Rooster Box €240 €300 €260
Rooster 10kg €2.20 €2.70 €2.40
Whites €180 €230 €210
Kerr Pink 10kg €3.00 €3.50 €3.20
 Golden Wonder10kg €4.50 €5.50 €5.00

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