Positive Ornua PPI Trend Gives Low-paying Co-ops Scope to Catch Up

IFA Dairy Chairman Tom Phelan said this month’s PPI from Ornua has risen to 30.2c/L.  When adjusted to include the Ornua value payment, it amounts to 32.71c/L (including VAT).

“The dairy sector has proven robust amongst the COVID-19 uncertainty, as clearly seen by the slight but upward trend of the Ornua PPI each month.  This gives farmers confidence going into the backend,” he said.

For September milk, there was a difference of about 2c/L in base price between the highest paying and lowest paying milk processors.

“We highlighted this last month as a growing issue amongst the lower paying processors.  Instead of the gap narrowing, it has since widened,” he said.

“Dairy farmers expect this price difference to be addressed this month.” he concluded.

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