Positive Prospects on Live Exports to Turkey – IFA

IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said he is a lot more confident that the Turkish live export market will soon get going. He said this was never more important with the weanling and store trade heading into full swing at the marts in the weeks and months ahead.

Angus Woods said a number of Irish exporters are actively involved in negotiations and he expected progress on both weanling and slaughter cattle exports in the coming weeks. He said work is also ongoing in lining up ships to facilitate the trade. In the last week, officials from the Turkish Meat and Milk Board visited Ireland to progress matters.

Angus Woods said IFA pushed hard to get the market open and has been working with exporters and the Department of Agriculture to facilitate the trade. He said, “A strong live trade is essential to maximise competition and put a solid floor under weanlings this back end.”
The IFA Livestock Leader said some exporters have already started buying cattle and assembling lots for export to Turkey.
Angus Woods said Turkey is a major opportunity for Irish livestock sector and has an import requirement for up to 400,000 head of live cattle annually. In 2015, Turkey imported 380,000 head of cattle, the majority from South America and up to 120,000 head from France.

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