Potato Prices Inching Upwards

The potato market has remained steady over the past week. Prices continue to inch upwards, with the wholesale market providing some positive increases.

There has been virtually no planting over the past 5 weeks in any region. The early plantings are shaping up similar to last year where there was little progress until after Patrick’s Day.

Growers need to be cognisant of this as it could result in crops maturing en masse again this year with a risk of a shortened selling season for earlies. Planting will commence in earnest as soon as the weather settles but growers must reduce plantings and learn from last year’s lessons. The UK market remains robust with the latest stock survey showing figures similar to last year despite the 4% increase in plantings in 2016. With lower stock figures in Europe also, the outlook remains positive for potato stocks in store.


Low High Average
Rooster Box €300 €350 €330
Rooster 10kg €3.10 €3.50 €3.40
Kerrs Pinks 10kg €3.20 €3.60 €3.30
Whites Box €280 €300 €290
Golden Wonder 10kg €5.00 €6.00 €5.50

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