Potato Prices Stabilise

With consumption remaining robust and the majority of the temporary excess stock sold on from farms, potato prices have finally stabilised.

With more interest from buyers, growers have taken stock of their situation over the past week or so and realised they have less product in store than last year.

The combination of a stronger pound and the confirmation of lower production figures in the UK has significantly reduced the level of imports to Ireland recently.

The NEPG estimate for potato production this year is 3% down on the 2015 figure. This accounts for five of the top potato producing countries in north-west Europe. These estimates have caused an increase in the enquiries for exports from Ireland with some product having moved already this week.

Ex-farm prices reported to IFA this week:

Rooster Box €300 €340 €320
Rooster 10kg €3.00 €3.50 €3.20
Kerrs Pinks 10kg €3.20 €3.60 €3.30
Whites Box €240 €270 €250
Golden Wonder 10kg €5.00 €6.00 €5.50

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