Potato Yields Likely to Match Last Year

The variable weather conditions continue to interrupt lifting of main crop potatoes, however, all areas of the country are seeing at least some activity.

As lifting progresses we are getting better indications of actual yields. Initial reports indicate there is much variation throughout the country, with some areas yielding slightly ahead of last year and others behind.

However, taking the country as a whole it would appear that yields will be similar to last year with no significant increase.

Many of the early mainncrop suppliers report that demand from buyers has been strong and many are now finished or have most of the crop moved, which is encouraging.

There are significant levels of scab throughout the country and at this stage growers should be moving these into the peeling sector. As in any year, it is very important that this market is fully supplied with Irish product.

Farm gate prices for rooster into the peeling sector are ranging from €170 to €220 in tonne boxes depending on quality, prior agreements etc.

Ex-Farm Potato Prices Reported to IFA 

  Low High Average
Rooster Box (new season) €300 €350 €330
Rooster 10kg (new season) €3.20 €3.80 €3.50
Whites (new season) €250 €280 €260
Kerr Pink 10kg (new season) €3.70 €4.50 €4.00
 Queens 10kg €2.80 €3.50 €3.00

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