Poultry Farmers Will Not Tolerate Cuts as Retail Price War Intensifies

IFA Poultry Chair Nigel Sweetnam said farmers will not tolerate any reduction in the margin they receive, as the retail price wars intensify.

“Supermarkets are demanding premium product at world commodity prices with little or no regard to producers or processors’ costs of production, which are still substantially higher than the last time we were in negotiations. We have to be paid properly,” he said.

Any reduction in farmers margins will inevitably lead to farmers going out of business, as has already happened in the vegetable selector.

“It will not be tolerated. We will take whatever steps are required to ensure the survival of family farms that are producing quality, affordable and healthy food in the most sustainable manner,” he said.

“At a time of increasing costs, it is not realistic or acceptable to ask farmers to work for nothing, particularly as poultry farmers have such huge investments in buildings and facilities,” he said.

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