Progress on Emissions Should Be Acknowledged

Commenting on the projected reduction of 29% in emissions by 2030 as projected by the EPA in their report today, IFA President Tim Cullinan said it is a positive development that every citizen, including farmers, should be acknowledged for.

“The reality is that there is a huge focus on reducing emissions and the vast majority of people are trying to play their part. We should be more positive about what is being achieved rather than being overly negative,” Tim Cullinan said.

“The reality is that the 51% reduction target was set without any consideration for the economic or social consequences of measures to achieve it,” he said

“In our sector the EPA data published today shows we are already on track to achieve a 19% of our 25% reduction target, even with some of the proposed measures on diversification excluded in the modelled projections. This is being done by farmers on ground and they deserve great credit for what they are doing relative to what is happening in some other countries particularly outside the EU,” the IFA President said.

“We need to bring people with us and acknowledge the efforts people are making and stop using the language of failure and give people hope that we can continue to reduce emissions while having sustainable economic growth,” he concluded.

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