Seafood Taskforce Must Deliver for Irish Aquaculture

The final report of the Seafood Sector, published this week, recommends a €60m fund for Irish Aquaculture.

IFA Aquaculture Chairman Michael Mulloy welcomed the report’s recommendations, but he also urged caution.

“The Seafood Taskforce report recommends a €60m fund for Brexit mitigation initiatives. However, many additional costs continue to emerge. Pre-notification, export health certs and physical border control checks are just some of the measures due to come into force in 2022,” he said.

He said, “The initiatives proposed by the Taskforce should primarily be funded using the Brexit Adjustment Reserve fund. We do not want additional demands placed on the European Maritime Fisheries & Aquaculture fund. This represents an opportunity to invest in developing the Irish Aquaculture industry and offers mitigation against the negative impacts in other sectors of the seafood industry due to Brexit”.

IFA Aquaculture is a member of the Seafood Taskforce, attending 14 meetings since it was first convened in March earlier this year, with numerous discussions, proposals, and submissions taking place throughout that time.

Further engagement with IFA Aquaculture, BIM and DAFM officials will be needed to progress the recommended initiatives, establish appropriate funding schemes and ensure Irish aquaculture receives the support it deserves.

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