Sheep Update 24th April

  • Lamb Price Update. 24/4/2020. Strong demand and tight supplies. Hogget’s €6.20/6.40/kg. New Season €6.50 to €6.70/kg. Tops €6.80/kg paid. Ewes €2.70/3.00/kg.

  • Strong retail demand. Ramadan commenced on April 23rd.
  • Kill for w/e April 19th. reached 39,651 and included 30,415 hogget’s, 4,798 spring lambs and 4,439 ewes.
  • In the UK for week ending April 19th, hogget’s were making £4.58/kg at the factories, equivalent to €€5.48 incl vat. The SQQ for new season lambs at the marts was £2.71/kg lw, equivalent to €6.90/kg incl vat.
  • IFA lobbying together with COPA in Brussels resulted in an APS scheme for 36,000t of sheep meat valued at €20m.
  • IFA has proposed the following measures in for the sheep sector. Immediately support farmers with direct payments for any price related market losses, APS for market support, review and suspend non-EU imports during the COVID-19 crisis, a new EU promotional programme for lamb targeted at retail level.

General Issues

  • Following intensive lobbying by IFA at National and EU level, the EU Agriculture Commissioner announced a €80m package of market measures, mainly Aids to Private Storage (APS) for beef, sheep and dairy in Brussels this week.
  • On beef, the APS is for €25m covering 25,000t of forequarter beef.
  • The draft Commission regulation specifies APS for separated hindquarters bone in. It also specifies grades of S, E, U and Rs with aid of €1,008/t for 90 days storage, €1,033/t for 120 days and €1,058/t for 150 days.
  • IFA has told the DAFM and EU Commission there needs to be more flexibility and that O grades must be included, boneless cuts must be covered and the rate need to be increased.
  • For sheep, the APS is for 36,000t, worth €20m.
  • On sheep, the draft regulation specifies fresh or chilled carcasses of lamb aged less than 12 months of age, with aid per tonne of €866 for 90 days, €890 for 120 days and €915 for 150 days.
  • Again, IFA has made it clear to the DAFM and the Commission there needs to be flexibility, the age needs to increase, specific cuts such as legs etc must be included and the rate per tonne needs to increase.
  • IFA is continuing to lobby hard at National and EU level for a much greater and more comprehensive package of measures to address the market and income crisis on beef result of the COVID-19 Emergency.
  • IFA demands and action are based on market supports around an effective type of APS (Aids to Private Storage) and direct payment to farmers on price losses. IFA are also demanding action to suspend non-EU beef imports.
  • At National level IFA are requesting Minister Creed to immediately make available the c€24m in unspent BEAM funds to farmers selling finished cattle at a major loss.
  • This week IFA met (conference call) with Bord Bia on progressing Irelands application for PGI status for Irish Grass Fed Beef.
  • IFA also met Bord Bia on the introduction of remote assessments for Quality Assurance Audits/inspections. This will allow farmers remain quality assured and complete audits/inspection remotely, using mobile phones and the internet and without the necessity of a farm visit.
  • IFA secured clarification regarding farmers eligibility for the weekly COVID-19 payment of €350 per week.
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