Significant Savings on Fertiliser for Farmers Who Shop Around – Mccarthy

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IFA Inputs Project Team Leader James McCarthy said that with fertiliser sales picking up in recent days, farmers should shop around before purchasing as significant savings can be achieved. Once again IFA price surveys continue to show an enormous price gap between the highest and lowest quotes across the full range of products.


Mr McCarthy said, “The best deals continue to be available for group/collective purchases and on volume orders. The best quotes for bagged CAN delivered farm this week have been from €277/t – €290/t. Granular urea can still be purchased from €350/t to €370/t.  18-6-12 is available from €375/t to €390/t and 10-10-20 from €398/t to €415/t. Best deals on Pasture Sward are ranging from €390/t to €415/t with Cut Sward €8/t to €10/t over”.


IFA surveys over recent years have shown that farmers who are prepared to shop around can make considerable savings by doing so. List prices can vary by €40/t to €50/t over the cash price. Further savings can be made where farmers come together to co-ordinate full loads split among three or four neighbours.

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