Some Practical Steps for Winter 2017

Take a look at some key actions to take ahead of winter milking.

  1. Assess current performance (Table 2). Make a plan.
  2. At 50% liquid contract or less, plan to commence autumn breeding cows on Jan 1st 2017
  3. Target 90% cows served in first 21 days breeding and 100% in first 42 days. Breed for 10-12 weeks max
  4. Check high risk cows (thin, twins, retained placenta) late December for uterine infection/non-cycling. Treat as appropriate before start of breeding
  5. Synchronize autumn heifers to AI early Jan. Use high EBI bulls proven <1.8% calving difficulty
  6. Use a team of 5-6 AI sires with EBI avg. over €260 and at least €120 for fertility index
  7. Target 0% dairy stock bull. Cull, or use easy calving beef bulls, for cows with history of poor fertility
  8. Assess herd BCS and UFL: PDI balance in winter diet
  9. Check weights of spring replacement heifers

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