Strong Lamb Sales as the Kill Hits 62,000

Sheep in Wicklow

IFA National Sheep Committee Chairman John Lynskey said the factories increased the lamb kill in the lead into the Muslim festival of Eid on September 2nd. He said the kill increased to 61,623 last week and is likely to be higher again for the next two weeks.

He said demand is strong and prices are in the order of €5.00, with tops of €5.20/kg paid earlier in the week.

John Lynskey said farmers should continue to select and move lambs as they become fit but insist on getting full value for the stock as well as looking for lower carcase weight limits to be increased. He said some plants are still only paying to 21.5kgs while others have moved up to 22kgs.

John Lynskey said he has received a lot of complaints and concerns over Northern lambs at the meat plants in recent week. He said farmers feel the factories are using Northern lambs and the weakness in Sterling against local suppliers.

Both the mart trade and live export buying are active – live buyers are offering €2.30/kg.

Ewes are making €3.00/kg.

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