Busy Weeks on Live Exports Ahead

Cattle and Sheep in Wickow Field

IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said the next number of weeks will be busy on the live export side with three boats set to sail to Turkey with weanlings and breeding heifers.

Angus Woods said market demand in Turkey for live cattle is very strong and he was hopeful that further contracts from Ireland for the autumn. He said the Turkish authorities recently announced some import changes, privatising imports from South America. He said the Government body ESK will continue to be the buyer from Europe for the moment.

The IFA livestock leader said major investments have been made by Irish exporters in re-establishing the international live export market and it is of critical importance that the live trade is now fully supported and developed by the Minister for Agriculture and his Department. He said the trade needs to be fully serviced and facilitated at both local and national level.

Angus Woods said that to date this year 145,000 head have been exported live, up 45% on last year. He said on the international markets, Turkey is the main player with 12,070 head exported and a further 1,830 were sent to Libya.

The IFA livestock leader said the live export trade is essential for price competition and additional outlets and markets for Irish livestock.

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