Strong Live Export Trade

IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said the live export trade is operating very strongly with another boat load of heavier bulls being loaded for immediate shipping to Turkey. He said more loads are being planned with buying already underway in the marts.

Angus Woods said at the Beef Forum last week Minister for Agriculture, Michael Creed said live exports were performing very well, up 43% to date this year, which he described as very positive.

He said that in total to date this year 139,155 animals have been exported with 10,171 head sent to Turkey and a further 1,830 to Libya. In terms of Continental Europe, Angus Woods said 44,701 have been exported to Spain, 41,334 to Holland and 14,289 head to Italy.

The IFA livestock leader said live cattle exports for week 27, to July 9th increased strongly, totalling 4,142 head and comprised of 1,499 weanlings, 1,424 stores, 769 calves and 450 adult cattle. He said two shipments of weanlings and stores to Turkey boosted the trade with 2,468 head of cattle going there. In addition 707 head were exported to Spain, 421 to Italy, 310 to Northern Ireland, 159 to Great Britain, 42 to the Netherlands and 35 to France.

Angus Woods said IFA has worked hard on live exports, securing the opening up of the important Turkish market and getting some cattle moving to Libya again. In addition, he said IFA lobbied strongly and succeeded in reducing the charges and costs associated with exporting calves this year resulting in a significant increase in calf exports.

On payments, Angus Woods advised farmers to sell through their local mart, where payments are guaranteed and otherwise always insist on payment on the day. He said farmers should never deviate away from these important payment principles.

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