Strong Trade for the First of the Spring Lambs – IFA

IFA National Sheep Committee Chairman John Lynskey has said the very first of the spring lambs will be sold off farms this week and market prospects look very promising. He said prices have opened strongly and farmers need a minimum of €7.00/kg to cover the high costs and make a small margin.

John Lynskey said some small numbers of spring lamb were appearing in marts around the country and both factories and butchers were active for scarce supplies, to meet Easter demand. He said prices of €145 to €150 per head were being paid at sales and in private deals with butchers. On weights he said prices were being paid to 21kgs and 21.5kgs.

The IFA sheep farmers’ leader said the hogget trade remains very strong with €6.10 to €6.20/kg being paid by the factories. He said some top prices of €6.30/kg have been paid this week for quality hoggets.

John Lynskey said the UK market remains very buoyant with prices at the equivalent of €6.25 to €6.50/kg for hoggets.

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