Targeted Programmes on Water Quality are Working

IFA President Tim Cullinan said farmers want water quality to improve and they are working hard to achieve that.

He said the latest EPA report shows that the ongoing work has to continue to bring about the improvements that are needed.

“Farmers are working directly with their advisors to improve water quality and it’s delivering tangible results. The ASSAP programme that assists farmers in their own catchments must be expanded so we can support more farmers to improve water quality,” he said.

He said the improvements in water quality in these areas show that right measure in the right place at the right time is a far more effective mitigation strategy, as it recognises the inherent variability found between and within catchments, rather than the one size fits all regulatory approach.

Tim Cullinan said the positive outcomes from ASSAP are evident, so the programme should to be extended to bring in more farmers.

He said IFA would be studying the report in detail to see what further measures could be considered.

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