Teagasc Fodder Support

Teagasc has established a Forage Register to help farmers who have run out of silage and other fodder to source supplies from those with a surplus.

Farmers who have silage they can sell are invited to ring their Teagasc office to get it listed on the register. Teagasc will text all clients asking them to register any supplies of fodder they may have on regional fodder registers. Teagasc will compile a list of names, telephone numbers and details of forage available and will make the list available.

Fodder budget assistance

Farmers are also invited to contact their local Teagasc office to request assistance in completing fodder budgets. Fodder clinics are also planned to take place in local offices. Support over the phone will be provided by Teagasc advisors.

Find Teagasc contact details here

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