Two Devastating Dog Attacks Highlight Need for Tougher Enforcement

IFA Sheep Chairman Kevin Comiskey said two horrific dog attacks on sheep in recent days have left 70 lambs dead.

The attacks occurred in Moneygall on the Offaly/Tipperary border, and in Moyvalley, Co Kildare.

48 lambs were killed in the attack in Tipperary and 20 lambs were attacked by dogs in Kildare, with 12 confirmed dead and 8 missing in Moyvalley.

“The devastation caused by these attacks is shocking. For any farmer to go and check your stock and to find a scene like this is very distressing,” Kevin Comiskey said.

“It’s simply not good enough for dogs to be allowed to roam free and cause the level of damage that took place in recent days. We need stronger regulation around dog ownership,” he said.

Kevin Comiskey led a delegation to meet Ministers Heather Humphreys and Charlie McConalogue earlier this year and they put forward strong measures that are needed to curb dog attacks.

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen progress on any of these proposals in the past number of months and the attacks have continued.

“The persistent failure of the authorities has frustrated farmers who have suffered significant losses as a result of dog attacks, and those attacks continue to take place across the country,” Kevin Comiskey said.

“There had been what seemed constructive discussions with Minister Humphreys and Minister McConalogue back in May, but we haven’t seen enough action since,” he said.

IFA has three priority actions to tackle the issue. They are:

  1. A single national database for all dogs in the country that identifies the person responsible for the dog;
  2. Tougher sanctions for those who fail to have their dog under their control at all times, and for those whose dogs are identified worrying/attacking livestock;
  3. Additional resources to ensure compliance with the obligations of dog owners.

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