Urgent Price Increase Needed for Pig Farmers Hit by Spiralling Costs

IFA Pig Committee Chairman Roy Gallie is calling on retailers to increase the supermarket price of pig meat so that pig farmers can recover their spiralling costs of production.  

“Pig farmers have been hit with an alarming increase in their costs of production over the past 12 months.  In particular, a 30% rise in feed costs to date.  This increases the cost of growing a pig by 30c/kg alone, while at the same time the farmgate price of the pig has decreased by 45c/kg,” he said.

“Electricity, gas, oil, labour and transport have all increased considerably.  Huge losses are being taken on farms, with little respite in sight for producers. Pig farmers are really struggling to continue in the current climate,” he said.  

Roy Gallie said, “Pig farmers have had a hugely challenging year, with rising feed costs and reductions in pig prices. They are already reporting a net loss of 30c/kg which equates to €27.00 below the cost of production of every pig; this is simply unsustainable, and forecast to get worse. As it stands today, the average family pig farm is facing a loss of €38,000 per month, every month”.

“A cost recovery package from the marketplace is essential for the sector and the very survival of our pig farms. Given the unprecedented level of losses in this current crisis, the retailers have to increase the price they pay for pigmeat and this to be passed directly back to the primary producer.”     

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