Visit by Commission President Juncker an Opportunity to Push for Re-opening of Russian Market

IFA President Joe Healy said next month’s visit by EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to Russia to the St Petersburg International Economic Forum should be used as an opportunity to make real progress on the re-opening of the Russian market to EU food exports.

Mr Healy said the Russian ban has contributed to the prolonged and severe farm income crisis across Europe; 25% of the EU’s pigmeat exports went to Russia and two million tonnes of dairy products were exported there before the sanctions were imposed in August 2014.

Joe Healy said European farmers have paid a heavy price for almost two years, “Not only has it deprived us of access to the Russian market, but it has also displaced product from other EU countries that was destined for Russia. Given the export profile of Irish agriculture, this has had a severe impact on prices paid to producers here.”

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