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Water Shortages Causing Stress on Farms

South Tipperary IFA Chair Pat Carroll said that the current water shortages in Tipperary and surrounding counties is causing stress on farms in the region, with livestock welfare a real concern.

“While we fully respect people’s right to take industrial action there needs to be a solution put in place to ensure a safe supply of water for livestock until this dispute is resolved,” Pat Carroll said. 

The water shortage is due to an operational issue at the water treatment plant resulting in reservoir levels depleting to low levels. Remedial works have been delayed due to the industrial strike action arising from a dispute between the Unite Trade Union and seven Local Authorities.

“Farmers in Tipperary and surrounding counties are concerned for the welfare of their animals, and we are still some time away from the issue being resolved,” Pat Carroll said.

“It is shocking that an essential service like water supply is unavailable for thousands of households, families and farms in the region. There must be more planning for scenarios like this in the future. Livestock need a consistent supply of water. Contingency plans should have been put in place to avoid disruptions to water supply like we are now experiencing,” Pat Carroll said.

“It is absolutely vital that the water supply issue is resolved as soon as possible for householders and farmers in the impacted region with temporary solutions provided, if necessary, to allow livestock have access to water,” Pat Carroll concluded.

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