Weather Taking a Very Heavy Toll on Farmers

IFA President Tim Cullinan the ongoing difficult weather conditions and incessant rainfall are having a massive impact on farmers across the country.

“We are now into our sixth week of bad weather which it having a huge impact on farmers across all sectors. Livestock are indoors when they should be grazing, the sowing of crops has been delayed and fertiliser for first cut silage has yet to be spread. The financial cost of this is spiralling by the week,” Tim Cullinan said.

According to Met Eireann, March was the wettest on record while the first 2 weeks of April have given farmers little respite.

“What we also cannot underestimate is the human impact the weather is having on farmers. Farmers are understandably very stressed at the moment; land is waterlogged preventing any fieldwork while fodder stocks are now running out on many livestock farms as stock are indoors eating silage instead of grass,” he added.

In recent weather forecasts, the update looks more positive as there is signs of an improvement in the weather in the coming days.

“There is sign of light at the end of the tunnel with the current forecast pointing to improved conditions next week. But the financial impact of this will remain. Its therefore absolutely vital that reduction in the price of inputs, in particular fertiliser, is fully passed onto farmers by co-ops and merchants immediately,” the IFA President concluded.

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