Wexford IFA and Wexford County Council Agree on Inspection Protocol

At a meeting of Wexford County Council today, approved an inspection protocol for on-farm inspections.

The agreement on the protocol followed negotiations between the Council and Wexford IFA in recent weeks.

Under the new National Agriculture Inspections Programme, County Councils are now required to carry out environmental inspections on farms. IFA have highlighted this as a concern for farmers who are already being inspected by the Department of Agriculture and Bord Bia.

Speaking after the agreement, Wexford IFA Chair Jer O’Mahony highlighted the significance of this agreement and the clarity it now provides to farm families across Wexford.

“This is a significant agreement between Wexford IFA and Wexford County Council. Farm inspections under the new National Agriculture Inspections Programme have raised concerns for farmers and this gives a degree of clarity,” he said.

“The protocol agreed gives respect to farm families and recognises their unique place in food production. We hope this agreement will be the basis for similar agreements between IFA and county councils across the country,” Jer O’Mahony said.

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