Worry and Anger Among Dairy Farmers Over Banding Rules

Worry and anger is building with many dairy farmers in relation to the reported actions of the Department of Agriculture on how banding is going to work under the new the Nitrates Action Plan, according to IFA Dairy Chairman Stephen Arthur.

“I have received numerous calls since an article was published in a national media outlet stating that the Department of Agriculture plan on putting all dairy farmers in the higher 106 kgs per cow nitrogen bracket from Jan 1st, 2023.”

“It appears this is as a result of the Department not being able to access farmer data. Surely this is an issue the Department knew about much earlier and why have they not engaged in finding a solution before this,” he added.

“It’s simply not good enough the way farmers are being treated with all the new rules which are being imposed under this new Nitrates Action Plan. The communication has been close to non-existent and farmers are left wondering is the Department making it up as they go along.”

The IFA National Dairy Chair concluded, “I am calling on the Minister to meet with the IFA immediately on this issue. It’s unbelievable to have this uncertainty only two months before the proposed banding rules are due to come into force and the stress it’s causing farmers is totally unacceptable.”

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