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Zoned Land Tax Unfair on Farm Families – Check Maps to Avoid Penalties

Maps outlining lands in scope for the Residential Zoned Land Tax (RZLT) will be available in Local Authority offices and websites from today November 1st. Technical issues with Ordinance Survey interactive maps prevented online inspection for a time this morning.

IFA National Farm Business Committee Chair Rose Mary McDonagh is advising all farmers to look at these maps to know where their land stands and avoid penalties.

“I would encourage all farmers with land on the outskirts of cities, towns and villages to look at these maps, to know where you stand. Don’t be caught unawares because the penalties for non-compliance are severe,” Rose Mary McDonagh said.

“There’s only a two-month window to lodge an appeal if impacted or dissatisfied, even less when you take in the Christmas period, and it will take a bit of time to pull together because you’ll need proof of ownership as well as OSI maps to make a submission,” she said.

“IFA have long held the view, and continue to liaise with Government, that farmers should be exempt from the RZLT because they are private land owners, not builders. Farmers have land to farm it and produce food, not hoard it as an investment,” she added.

“At a minimum, commercial demand and farmer consent to have lands zoned in first instance must be accounted for in any liability to the RZLT. We have a short guide on the RZLT for farmers available on the IFA website, and included some possible grounds for appeal to their relevant Local Authorities if required,” she concluded.  

The IFA Residential Zoned Land Tax guide can be read in full here.

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