Forestry Schemes

Forestry grants are available from the Forest Service (Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine) under the Forestry Programme 2014-2020. The Department set out the requirements of the funding in the scheme manual ad approves the grant and premium payments.

Afforestation Scheme 2014-2020

Agroforestry grants

Ash Dieback Replanting Scheme

Creation of Woodland on Public Lands Scheme

Deer Tree Shelter and Deer/Hare Fencing Scheme

Forestry for Fibre

Forestry Grants and Premium Schemes 2014 – 2020 Circulars

Forestry schemes Penalty Schedules

Forestry Knowledge Transfer Group Scheme

Forest Road Scheme

Innovative Forestry Forest Technology: Central tyre inflation scheme module

Native Woodland Conservation Scheme

NeighbourWood Scheme

Seed Stand Scheme

Seed Orchard Scheme

Woodland Improvement Scheme- Continuous Cover Forestry scheme

Woodland Environmental Fund

Register of Foresters and Forestry Consultants

For a listing of registered Foresters and Forestry Consultants click here.

For a listing of List of Native Woodland Scheme (NWS) Ecologists click here.

Procedures and Operational Standards

The Forest Standards Manual sets out the procedures and operational standards required under the various forestry support schemes. Adherence to procedures and operation standards is a condition of all grant schemes and aims to ensure that all timber produced in Ireland is derived from sustainably managed forests and that State investment in forestry is protected.

Forestry Standards Manual