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Beef & Sheep Update 22nd October

Sheep and Cattle in Wicklow

Beef Update

IFA Livestock Chairman Brendan Golden said the new CAP funding and strategic plans are a sell-out of suckler and beef farmers by Minister Charlie McConalogue. He said, “The design of the strategic plans and the funding levels allocated to Pillar II targeted schemes compound the impact of convergence, CRISS and eco-schemes on the suckler and beef farmers most dependant on direct payments for their family income”. “IFA set out clear demands for a €300 suckler cow payment and €100/animal payment for cattle rearing and finishing farmers to ensure CAP monies directly support Irish beef farmers for producing beef to the highest welfare and environmental standards in the world. The Minister has ignored these proposals.” He said the proposed new suckler cow scheme has left 500,000 cows and 30,000 suckler farmers behind based on the funding allocation and number of participants announced this week.

Beef Price Update 21/10/21

Steer Base €4.20/4.30kg. Heifers €4.25/4.35kg. Higher deals larger lots. Y Bulls R/U €4.15/4.30Kg. Cows €3.50/4.00kg.

Supply Figures as Reported by DAFM – Week 41 (11.10.2021)

AnimalNumberChange prev. wk.% of totalYTDYTD Change
Y Bulls1,711▲3795%100,112▼-12,272 
Bull430▼-85 1%21,846▼-5,133 
Steer17,007▼-184 46%535,219▼-9,737 
Veal-Z19▼-10 0%1,241▲39

Official Irish Prices as Reported by DAFM – Week 41 (11.10.2021)

c/kg(Incl. VAT)U3Change prev wkR3Changeprev wkO3Changeprev wkP+3Changeprev wk
Steers451▲0439▼-2 420▼-1 391▲0
Heifers458▲0444▼-2 433▲1391▼-1 
Y Bulls434▲1423▼-1 417▲10389▲4
Cows0▲0395▼-2 393▲19359▼-3 

Official GB Prices as Reported by AHDB

 SteersSteersHeifersHeifersY bullY bullCow
Change▲1▲0▼-1 ▼-1 ▼-2 ▼-2 ▼-2 
Price in c/kg(Incl VAT)524.9527.7523.3525.6513.5505.9366.8

Euro Price for the Most Recent Week (€/KG Deadweight excl. VAT)

Country & Type12.10.201910.10.202009.10.2021
EU + Y Bulls€ 3.53€ 3.52€ 4.06
IE + Steers€ 3.46€ 3.62€ 4.18
UK + Steers € 3.67€ 4.08€ 4.85

Live Exports W/C 04.10.2021

Source: Bord Bia

Sheep Update

IFA Sheep Chairman Sean Dennehy said the Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue’s CAP Strategic Plan will exclude one million ewes from any funding. “The proposed €20m/annum Sheep Improvement Scheme with payments of €12/ewe will only be available to 1.7m ewes. This is even fewer than the number of ewes in the current Sheep Welfare Scheme,” he said. He made this point directly to Minister McConalogue at the IFA protest in Kilkenny on Thursday night and called on the Minister to provide funding for €30 for all ewes in the country in the new CAP plans. “According to the most recent census figures, there are over 2.6m ewes in the country. Using those figures, the proposed funding will only deliver a payment of €7.70/ewe” he said.

Lamb Price Update 21/10/21

Lamb €6.35/6.60kg. Weights 22kg. Higher deals for groups and larger lots. Strong demand sell hard. Ewes €3.00/3.30kg.

Supply Figures as Reported by DAFM – Week 41 (11.10.2021)

AnimalFigureChangeYTDYTD Change
Lambs/Hoggets85▼-16 697,526▼-91,248 
Spring Lambs52,605▼-904 1,164,500▲6,332
Ewes and Rams9,415▼-549 281,729▼-17,154 
Light Lambs0▼-3 121▲65
TOTAL62,105▼-1,472 2,143,876▼-102,005 

Official Irish Prices as Reported by DAFM – Week 41 (11.10.2021)

c/kg (Incl. VAT)WK 41 Change prev wk2020Changeprev yr
National Avg Price619.24▲6488.6▲131
YTD Avg659.13▼-1 520.34▲139

Official GB Prices as Reported by AHDB

 R3L Overall SQQ*Type of lamb
09/10/2021521.9522.6New season
16/10/2021529.0528.3New season
Price in c/kg (Incl VAT)665.0664.1 
Source: Bord Bia

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