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Beef & Sheep Update 23rd October

Sheep and Cattle in Wicklow

IFA President Tim Cullinan said that the PGI will be run by a farmer-controlled monitoring committee. A letter requesting inclusion of young bulls, if they meet the grass-fed criteria, will accompany the application and also deals with the eligibility of cattle exported to NI.

€6m in funding has been committed over the next three years to develop a suckler-based brand under the control of a farmer board.
The importance of building on the existing schemes to support suckler production and underpin the development of the brand was acknowledged by the Minister and the Taskforce.
Brendan Golden said, “This is a good outcome. The PGI will give us a chance to promote the world-renowned qualities of Irish beef while working on a brand for beef from suckler farms that promotes the quality, environmental and socio-economic benefits of this production system”.


Latest Beef Price Update 22nd October 2020:

Prices unchanged. Steers €3.60/3.65. Heifers €3.60/3.70. Y bulls €3.50/3.80. Cows €3.00/3.50/kg.

Week 42 Slaughter Figures
12/10/2020 – 18/10/2020
Animal Numbers % of Total Kill % Change from prev. Week
Steers 17,613 47% +2.1%
Heifers 9,840 26% +1.4%
Young Bulls 1,487 4% +3.9%
Cows 8,155 22% +10.4%
Total 37,758 +3.4%
Year to Date Slaughter Figures
  Numbers Change from 2019
TOTAL 1,408,881 +2.4%

Source: DAFM Weekly Beef Slaughter Figures

Official Irish Prices   Official GB Prices
Animal Euro/Kg Change from prev. week Animal GBP/Kg Change from prev. week Euro/Kg
R3 Steers €3.79 0% R3 Steers £3.77 0.5% €4.37
R3 Heifers €3.80 -1% R3 Heifers £3.54 -5.3% €4.10
Y Bulls O €3.42 +0.3% Y Bulls O £3.41 -1.5% €3.95
R €3.62 0% R £3.70 0% €4.29
U €3.75 +0.3% U £3.71 -0.5% €4.30
Cows O €3.08 -1.0% Cows O £2.77 -0.4% €3.21
R €3.29 -0.6% R £2.86 -1% €3.31

Source: DAFM Average Prices, AHDB Deadweight Cattle Price Report

Source: European Commission

Live Exports:

Source: Bord Bia


Latest Lamb Price Update 23rd October 2020:

QA lambs getting €5.25-5.40/kg. Producer groups higher.  Ewes €2.60-€2.80/kg. Numbers tightening significantly.

Week 42 Slaughter Figures 05/10/2020 – 11/10/2020
Animal Numbers % Change from prev. Week % Change from same week 2019
Sheep 62,342 -0.09% -4.3%
Year to Date Slaughter Figures
  Numbers Change from 2019
TOTAL 2,308,223 +5%

Source: DAFM Meat Market Report, AHDB GB Deadweight Sheep Prices

Official Irish Prices Official GB Prices
  Euro/Kg % Change from same week in 2019   GBP/Kg Euro/Kg
Lamb €4.91 +21% Lamb £4.41 €5.11

Source: DAFM Meat Market Report

Source: European Commission

Live Trade: Total live exports stood at 24,807 head to the 01 October 2020

Select and Sell: As always, the advice is to move lambs as they become fit.

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