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Beef & Sheep Update 25th November

Cattle and Sheep in Wicklow Field, Ireland

Beef Update

Speaking at the IFA Beef meeting in Portlaoise tonight attended by over 300 people, IFA President Tim Cullinan said that the farmers were being short-changed by €6m a week based on the Bord Bia beef price tracker. “The Bord Bia tracker has brought more transparency to beef price and we can now see that Irish prices are at least 50c behind the export benchmark price. This is costing beef farmers at least €6m a week,” he said. “This is totally unacceptable and it’s an appalling way for processors to be treating their customers,” he said.

“We need the office of Fairness and Transparency in the Food Supply Chain to be established as a matter of urgency, and it must have real teeth,” he said. IFA Livestock Chairman Brendan Golden outlined his frustration with the widening gap between Irish beef prices and UK/European prices which is estimated to be at its highest level since 2010. “It is clear that our processors are not paying the price the market justifies and further eroding beef farmers’ incomes,” he said. “This comes on top of a CAP reform which hit beef farmers very severely,” he said.

Beef Price Update 24/11/2022

Paid prices up 10/15c/kg. Base Quotes Steer €4.65/4.85kg. Heifers €4.70/4.90kg. Higher deals and flat prices for larger and specialist lots. Y Bulls R/U €4.70/5.00Kg. Cows €4.00/4.60kg.

Supply Figures as Reported by DAFM – WK 46 (20.11.2022)

AnimalNumberChange prev wk% of totalYTDYTD Change
Y Bulls2,458▲1466%116,595▲5,149
Steer13,787▼-1,647 36%647,317▲36,680
Heifer10,841▼-104 28%448,714▲22,832
Total38,539▼-1,389 100%1,626,351▲122,540

Official Irish Prices as Reported by DAFM – WK 46 (20.11.2022)

c/kg (Incl. VAT)U3Change prev wkR3Changeprev wkO3Change prev wkP+3Change prev wk
Y Bulls484▲3473▲7454▲2441▼-1 

Official GB Prices as Reported by AHDB

 SteersSteersHeifersHeifersY bullY bullCow
Change▼-0 ▼-1 ▲0▼-1 ▲2▲1▼-4 
Price in c/kg (Incl VAT)555.0558.9553.4557.1543.1540.5433.9

Euro Price for the Most Recent Week  (€/KG Deadweight excl. VAT)

Country & Type14/11/202013/11/202112/11/2022
EU + Y Bulls€ 3.52€ 4.30Not Available
IE + Steers€ 3.60€ 4.15€ 4.52
UK + Steers € 4.20€ 4.83€ 5.11

Live Exports W/C  14.11.2022

Source: Bord Bia

Sheep Update

IFA Sheep Chairman Kevin Comiskey has called on Ministers McConalogue and Hackett to establish the industry-led Wool Council as a matter of urgency, which was recommended by the Wool Feasibility Study. In its feasibility report published in July, the Department for Agriculture, Food and the Marine committed €30,000 to help establish a Wool Council. However, this has yet to be taken further. Kevin Comiskey said the only real recommendation contained in the report is the establishment of the Wool Council, which would develop and promote Irish wool domestically and internationally, bringing together stakeholders to foster collaboration, innovation and scaling activities. The IFA Sheep Chairman said he has witnessed first-hand the benefits of a co-ordinated approach to developing and promoting markets and outlets for wool when he visited British Wool in September. “British Wool’s co-ordinated approach has greatly benefited its farmer members and British wool typically trades well above Irish prices, helped by the structures in place,” he said. He said there are huge opportunities to develop a unique brand for Irish Wool and most importantly add value to this renewable product for sheep farmers.  

Lamb Price Update 24/11/2022

Prices rising Lamb €6.50/6.80/kg. Deals to €7.00kg and to 23kgs. Higher deals groups/larger lots. Ewes €3.00/3.60/kg.

Supply Figures as Reported by DAFM – WK 46 (20.11.2022)

AnimalFigureChangeYTDYTD Change
Spring Lambs48,176▼-5,343 1,331,097▼-66,995 
Ewes and Rams8,939▼-488 347,824▲26,082
Light Lambs0▼-2 141▲12
TOTAL57,768▼-5,647 2,583,308▲165,444

Official Irish Prices as Reported by DAFM – WK 46 (20.11.2022)

c/kg (Incl. VAT)WK 46Change prev wk2021Change prev yr
National Avg Price626.17▲8709.55▼-83 
YTD Avg683.32▼-1 659.54▲24

Official GB Prices as Reported by AHDB

 R3L Overall SQQ*Type of lamb
12/11/2022537.5534.5New season
19/11/2022551.5547.2New season
Price in c/kg (Incl VAT)677.2671.9 

Live Sheep Exports 18/07/2022

Source: Bord Bia

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