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Beef & Sheep Update 29th Jan

Cattle and Sheep in Wickow Field

Beef Update

The IFA Livestock Chairman said market conditions are strong, underpinned by high volume and value of sales of beef in supermarkets, and tight supplies of finished cattle.

“Projections are for 80,000 fewer cattle to be available for slaughter this year compared to 2020.  When the strong performance of beef in supermarkets is factored in, where both volume and price have shown huge growth, this creates a positive market environment that must be reflected in beef prices to farmers,” he said.

Beef Price Update 28/01/2021

Steer base €3.80/3.85kg.

Heifers €3.85/3.90kg.

Deals higher.

Y Bulls R/U €3.75/3.95kg.

Cows €3.50/3.55kg.

Supply Figures as Reported by DAFM – Week 3 (18/01/2021)

AnimalNumberChange prev. wk.% of totalYTDYTD Change
Y Bulls3,415▼-172 11%10,719▼-3,733 
Bull267▼-24 1%877▼-552 
Steer10,694▼-483 34%32,873▲468
Cow6,401▼-35 20%19,049▲1,856
Veal-V18▼-12 0%54▲18
Total31,383▼-607 100%96,392▼-1,409 

Official Irish Prices as Reported by DAFM – Week 3 (18/01/2021)

c/kg (Incl. VAT)U3Change prev. wk.R3Change prev. wk.O3Change prev. wk.P+3Change prev. wk.
Steers411▼-2 400▼-4 383▼-4 354▼-2 
Heifers420▼-3 405▼-4 393▼-3 346▼-8 
Y Bulls390▼-4 380▼-2 366▼-4 355▲0
Cows0▲0338▼-4 314▼-4 302▼-5 

Official GB Prices as Reported by AHDB

SteersSteersHeifersHeifersY bullY bullCow
Change▲2▲0▲1▲1▼-1 ▲1▲2
Price in c/kg(incl. VAT)454.9459.7454.1458.1442.7433.7311.6

Sheep Update

IFA Sheep Chairman Sean Dennehy has criticised factories for the unjustified cuts to lamb prices this week.

He said market conditions are strong and the numbers of suitable lambs are tight.  This attempt by factories is opportunistic and unjustified.

Prices offered are ranging from €6.20 to €6.30/kg, with some factories trying to buy lambs for less. Cull ewes are making €2.90 to €3.10/kg.

Lamb Price Update 28/01/2021

QA Lamb €6.20/6.30kg paid. Ewes €2.90/3.20kg. Market strong. Sell hard. Move lambs when fit.

Supply Figures as Reported by DAFM – Week 3 (18/01/2021)

AnimalFigureChangeYTDYTD Change
Lambs/Hoggets45,518▼-116 137,116▲4,436
Spring Lambs0▲00▲0
Ewes and Rams6,561▼-237 19,749▼-2,256 
Light Lambs0▼-1 7▲7
TOTAL52,079▼-354 156,872▲2,187

Official Irish Prices as Reported by DAFM – Week 3 (18/01/2021)

c/kg (Incl. VAT)This week Change prev. wk2020Change prev. yr
Avg Factory Price601.44▲6502.04▲99
Avg Mart Price545.61▼-40 429.88▲116
National Avg Price602.36▲5480.39▲122
YTD Avg587.02▲8477.28▲110

Official GB Prices as Reported by AHDB

R3L Overall SQQ*Type of lamb
16.01.21569.1568.8Old season
23.01.21578.1574.3Old season
Price in c/kg(incl. VAT)685.9681.4

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