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Beef & Sheep Update 4th December

Cattle and Sheep in Wicklow Field, Ireland


Brendan Golden welcomed the commitment from the Department of Agriculture that a tolerance on meeting the 90% of the female replacement criteria in the BDGP scheme will be provided. 

The acceptance now of farmers who are within one animal of meeting the 90% requirement, as being 90% compliant, will significantly reduce the penalties for these farmers.Up to date compliance with the BEAM 5% requirement statements will be issued by DAFM to all farmers. 

Beef Price Update 3rd December 2020

Prices up 5/10c. Numbers tight. Demand strong. Steers €3.70/3.75kg. Heifers €3.75/3.85kg. YB €3.45-3.75kg. Cows €2.80/3.30kg.

Week 48 Supply Figures 23/11/2020 – 29/11/2020

Animal Numbers % of Total Supply% Change from prev. Week
Steers 12,19533%-14.7%
Young Bulls3,3309%+20.5%
 Year to Date Supply Figures Numbers Change from 2019 
Source: DAFM Weekly Beef Slaughter Figures.

Official Irish Prices

Animal Euro/Kg Change from prev. week
R3 Steers €3.87+1.8%
R3 Heifers€3.92+1.3% 
R3 Y Bulls€3.69+1.1%
R3 Cows€3.19+3.9%
Source: DAFM Meat Market Report

Official GB Prices

AnimalGBP/Kg Change from prev. week€/Kg vat incl. eq.
R3 Steers£3.82-0.0%€4.47
R3 Heifers£3.81-0.3%€4.46
R3 Y Bulls£3.74-0.3%€4.38
R3 Cows£2.65-0.7%€3.10
Source: AHDB Deadweight Cattle Price Report
Source: European Commission

Live Exports

Source Bord Bia


IFA National Sheep Chairman Sean Dennehy has welcomed the rollover of the Sheep Welfare Scheme and facilitation of new entrants to the scheme.

Sean Dennehy said the current reference years don’t reflect the flock numbers on many sheep farms. “This has to be updated if we want to encourage generational renewal on sheep farms in the country,” he said.

The department must provide for a new reference period for participants in the scheme.

Week 48 Supply Figures 23/11/2020 – 29/11/2020

AnimalNumbers% Change from prev. Week% Change from same week 2019
Sheep 51,907+0.8%-19.8%
 Year to Date Supply Figures NumbersChange from 2019 
Source: DAFM Meat Market Report

Official Irish Prices

 Euro/Kg % Change from same week in 2019 
Source: DAFM Meat Market Report

Official GB Prices

 GBP/Kg €/Kg vat incl. eq.
Source: AHDB GB Deadweight Sheep Prices
Source: European Commission

Live Trade: Total live exports stood at 24,807 head to the 01 October 2020

Select and Sell: As always, the advice is to move lambs as they become fit.

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