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Cattle Prices Increase Again This Week

IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said cattle prices are continuing to drive forward with higher base prices of €4.25/kg for steers and €4.35/kg for heifers being paid this week. He said demand remains very strong and, as supplies tighten, prices continue to increase.

Angus Woods said it is very important finishers hold out strongly for price increases at this time as the costs involved in finishing cattle out of the sheds at this time of year are exceptionally high.

The IFA livestock leader said some O grade steers are being bought flat €4.10/kg and P grades at €4.00/kg.

Young bulls are also driving on with €4.20 for R grades and €4.35/kg for U grades.

Angus Woods said cow prices are also strong with top quality U grade cows making €3.90/3.95/kg, R grade cows on €3.85/3.90/kg, O grades at €3.65/kg and P+ on €3.55/kg.

The IFA livestock leader said the official Department of Agriculture average prices paid for week ending May 20th were €4.28/kg for R=3= steers and €4.38/kg for R=3= heifers.

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