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Pig Market Report 1st July

No change in Irish pig prices with farmers receiving €1.64c/kg – €1.68c/kg in all the main export plants again this week. While the outlook for the remainder of 2020 looks overall, very positive, a number of unfortunate events in recent weeks have put speed bumps along the road to pig price recovery.

News that the Rosderra plant in Roscrea is temporarily suspended for export clearance to China is not a good development for the industry. IFA pigs Chairman, Tom Hogan said the measure was temporary and will be resolved as soon as possible without effecting the overall export capabilities of Ireland as a whole. On the EU pigmeat market, there is some uncertainly as to when the pig price recovery will start in earnest, with ongoing concerns about food service and hospitality markets reopening. What is clear is that the underlying worldwide shortage of pigmeat to meat global demand will inevitability lead to a pig price increase.

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