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Pig Market Update 10th Feb

No change in pig prices this week with quotes all settled at €1.52/kg to €1.54/kg in general. There was a 5c/kg increase in the price farmers received for cull sows last week from processors, up to a price of between 50c-58c/kg. While still a long way off what sows were making 12 months ago, it is a great indicator of the underlying market demand.

Sow meat is destined for markets which consume manufacturing pigmeat products, such as seasoned sausages and frankfurters. The reason for a poor price for Irish sows was blamed on the troubles in Germany and further afield, where this meat was destined. A small but significant 5c/kg rise in sow price wouldn’t change many pig farmers profit & loss accounts, but farmers should take it as a serious indicator that the fall in EU pig prices has arrived and we have reached the bottom of the market. This is backed up by reports from Germany that indicted the accumulation of pigs on farms destined for slaughter has rescinded and is being handled by German processors. 

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