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Pig Market Update 10th November

No change in Irish Pig prices once again, with quotes remaining stable at €1.60-1.62c/kg. While pig farmers are bargaining hard for an increase and some have negotiated above these prices, the processors are holding firm and resisting pressure to increase quotes.

The number of pigs available on a weekly basis is not helping attempts get any price increase with a big kill of 76,652 processed in ROI last week. All main plants are in communication with their pig suppliers and arrangements are being made to avoid any backup of pig number around the Christmas week. The situation across Europe has not improved with a sluggish demand at factory level. Covid-19 is causing major production reduction in many slaughter and boning plants across Europe during this second covid-19 wave. Ireland appears to have curtailed the negatives impacts to much venter effect than out EU neighbours. IFA Pigs Chairman Tom Hogan said that while €1.62c/kg was covering all cost atopy, it may not do so from 1stJanuary, when pig farmers go to purchase feed at increased prices.

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